Release 5.1

 This release tried to improve starting expirience of work with CadEditor - installer was added, some bugs was fixed, and, certainly, new games was added.


  • Installer, uploader for
  • Support of screens with different size in one config, small changes for screens sizes in configs (for every screens group).
  • Bugfixes:  
    • For scripts plugin open folder with scripts
    • Fixes for games with vertical screens and non-square blocks
    • Close window with config, if config has syntax errors.
    • Normal big object sprites selection (for Ninja Cats)
  • Settings moves from root directory to platform-specific folders (settings_nes/settings_smd/settings_gba)
  • Configs for games (NES): Hudson Hawk (1 level) Asterix (all levels) Silent Assault (all levels) Aliens FDS (all levels) Gaiapolis (1 level) Tagin's Dragon (all levels) Ikari Warriors (1 level) Parasol Henbee (all levels) Doki Doki Yuuoenchi (all levels) Super Pitfall (all levels) Panda Prince (all levels) Rocman X (all levels) Jetsons (all levels) Spelunker 2 (all levels) Ji Qi Mao Xiao Ding Dang (all levels) Garfield (all levels) Wai Wai World (all levels) Wizzard of The Oz (all levels) Splatterhouse (all levels) Indivisible (all levels) Mickey's Safari in Letterland (all levels) Juuonki (all levels) Metal Storm (all levels)
  • Fixes in configs: Jackie Chan Action Kung Fu (title screen) Super City Tank (fix addresses of levels)

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Version 5.1 Jul 19, 2018

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