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CadEditor is level editor for many classic console games, such as Chip &
Dale, Darkwing Duck, Duck Tales 1-2, Little Mermaid, Tiny Toon
Adventures, Jungle Book, Flintstones, Little Nemo, Megaman 4-6, Contra
Hard Corps, Earth Worm Jim 1-2. It supports about 80 games for NES and
Sega Mega Drive platform.

List of all supported games

There are about 10 games with new levels made in CadEditor, such as:
Darkwing Duck New Levels
Darkwing Duck in Edoropolis
Chip and Dale Alternative
Chip and Dale: Lomax Attacks
Duck Tales - Revision
Tale Spin: Another Shitty Day
Remix of Tiny Toon Adventures

(I don't make hacks myself, and not include any ROM files to bundle, but other romhackers use editor for create games with CadEditor)

CadEditor was designed to inplace edit ROM-files, but it can also be used for epxort maps to Tiled level editor for using map from old games in own projects.

All tools related to project, source code and access are free for users, but you can support project by donation through Patreon

Published Sep 11, 2017
StatusIn development
Tags8-bit, Level Editor, NES, Tilemap based tools
LinksSource code


cad_editor_v45.zip 13 MB
cad_editor_v46.zip 14 MB
cad_editor_v47.zip 13 MB

Development log

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